This Major (sandwich program) on "Business Information Systems for the Digital Era" allows the students to obtain professional and technical competence in strategic decision making, designing, managing and implementing data governance programs and appreciate business intelligence and analytics for creating organizational value to enterprise facing challenges due to digital transformation and other IS issues and trends.
This program will use varying pedagogical approaches so as to balance the context of the topic and individual course’s goals and objectives. 

This program will ensure both managerial as well as basic business analytical knowledge, skills and attitudes that are crucial for a career in information systems.

Few highlights of the program are:

  • Pedagogical flexibility allows for cross-over and context-based learning enriching the connections between the professional and classroom learning, thus enhancing the independent learning abilities to advance the knowledge and understanding of specific areas of information systems and the contemporary problems ;
  • Managerial and social skills acquired through the program;
  • Personalized learning with guidance on chosen professional project;
  • A fully English medium of teaching and learning prepares students for truly global markets ;
  • Provide culturally rich exchange programs in the form of study tours abroad including cross cultural trainings.

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Aim of the program

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