Pedagogical Approach

Pace of training

1 week of classes / 3 weeks of on the job training within a period of 12 months


Pedagogical Approach

Focus on cross-over and context based learning. Industry experts intervene to provide a realistic and emerging real life IS scenarios faced by IS managers (50% classes taken by full-time academic faculty).
Benefits from co-tutorship model. Integration of latest research in the IS domain to teaching.
Emphasize on case study discussion and learning by argumentation that can help students in engagement and self reflection.
It also encourages scientific methods of inquiry and communication. Encourage collaborative projects and increase cultural sensitivity.

The final project is in the form of a professional Cap Stone Project/ Master Synthesis Thesis that allows the students to demonstrate their learning in the context of their professional engagement.
The evaluation of the thesis would be based on the pre-defined and communicated learning goals and learning objectives of the program, assessed by a panel of experts from academia and the industry.